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Magic needles ppt课件内容预览:It was raining. I _________ a café and ________ a coffee. While I was _________ my drink, I realized there were other people in the place, but I sensed loneliness. I saw their bodies, but I couldn’t feel their souls because their souls ___________ the Net. I ________ and walked between the tables, when I _______ the biggest computer, I saw a thin, small man sitting in front of ite to;belong to;wait for; ask for;go into; stand up;went intoasked forwaiting forput up with;talk with;talk to; shout at; think over;leave alone; reply to;replied toppttalk withtalk toshouted atput up withLeave alonethoughtoverWhat is a phrasal verb?If you open up any medicine cupboard in theworld, there is a high probability that youwill find irin.It was over a decade before someone elseturned penicillin into the great drug of the20th century.verb + adverbverb + prepositionopen upturned intoFleming tried out this mould on another bacterium.Fleming tried this mould out on another bacterium.Fleming tried it out on another bacterium.verb (vi.) + adverbIf the object is a pronoun (itthem), it hasto go between the verb and the adverb.verb (vt.) + adverbThey have agreed to put aside theirdifferences in the interests of winning the election.(=put their differences aside)They have differences, but they have agreed to put them aside in the interests of winning the election.Everything he said at the conference was put down.When was the theory put forward?Another supermarket has been put up near our house.
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